My first passenger was young Ted, at 96 the oldest active pilot in the UK


My name is Nushin Elahi and I am an arts journalist who came to flying only recently. My husband has been passionate about it since he was a student, but it was never part of our life together. As he drooled over a windsock at a tiny airstrip, I would worry about our little children. The day came when they were old enough to take care of themselves, and he took up the sport seriously again. However, the barrel roll his friend had taken me up in nearly 25 years ago meant I was happy to suggest he buy a single seater. I could still remember how dizzy that flip had made me. I wasn’t going to be going up in a plane any time soon. Or so I thought.

I know I only went up for a trial flight to conquer that fear, but then the wonder of seeing the earth unfold beneath you got me hooked. Every day, every season, every light made the world look different. Getting my licence was the only way I could justify the time I spent up in the air. It wasn’t easy though. I hope you will join me in my journey into the wide blue yonder.

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