Looking back on 2019, it has been a great flying year, with some significant milestones reached. I didn’t get everywhere I wanted to, and things certainly didn’t always look too rosy, but I did manage to notch up some special outings.

As I thought back on it all, and tried to pick the most special image from the year’s flying, I had to choose between Le Touquet and crossing the Channel with my significant other, or Sandown – both water crossings. Then I thought of all those wonderful days when it’s smooth as silk, and one luxuriates at being airborne, and I realised that the most important flight of the year was one I do all the time, especially when I don’t have that much time (or great weather). At our airfield it is affectionately known as ‘Round the Block’, or maybe if you are stretching it, to the watertower and back.

Here are some special moments from 2019, with the hope that 2020 will bring many more magnificent flying days.